Tastes Like Chicken

The Band

Stacey Rago – Vocals/Keys

Stacey has been performing since she was 14 in groups of various shapes, sizes and musical styles, everything from choral music to church soloist to Tastes Like Chicken. She loves classic rock and blues-y stuff, but don’t challenge her knowledge of classical music, musical theater, or modern day hits! When not making music, she is working for a nonprofit and worrying about both her two- and four- legged children.

Brother Al – Vocals/Harmonica/Keys

Brother Al started singing in grocery stores for candy before he turned one year old. Over the years he entertained many people on car rides and at parties by singing along to tunes on the radio. He was sometimes overheard putting his kids to sleep with Jimmy Buffett tunes. But Brother Al didn’t do much in the way of singing in public until he was much older. Thanks to The Danny and Doctor Wippit, Brother Al can be heard singing and playing harmonica with Tastes Like Chicken. Now it’s tough to get him to stop. Always looking for the fun and coming up with a lyric to fit the moment, Brother Al abides.

Dr Wippit – Guitars/Vocals

After years of playing in Chicago area original bands Chronic Jaywalker, Stalemate and The Kenilworth Project, Dr Wippit has settled in with Tastes Like Chicken. Dr Wippit loves locking into those grooves that get the crowd on their feet! Also known as a music encyclopedia, The Dr never runs out of ideas for more songs to get folks dancing and singing. Dr. Wippit continues to write and record original music, which you can find on most Digital Streaming sites.

Don Smith – Bass/Guitars/Vocals

Don started performing in venues at the age of 14 and loves a live audience. Spending almost a decade out on the road in his early twenty’s Don learned to cover a wide spectrum of music, see the country and experience life in general. Playing just about any type of venue from acoustic shows to outdoor arena’s and even in theater Orchestra’s. On the local scene Don has worked with many groups you may recall Storm Warning, Southern Reich, SNAFU, The Stanley’s, Buzz and The Stingers or Relativity, Taste Like Chicken Band (TLC). When asked what his favorite music is, his answer would be any song that touches you and makes you move. When not on stage Don can be found tinkering in the garage. No one knows what he’s doing out there but it’s important.

Bruce Miller – Guitars/Vocals

Bruce has been playing Professional Music throughout his adult life. He studied Classical Guitar and Music at a University Level. His main instruments are Electric Guitar and Electric Bass. He has performed with Rock, Funk Rock, Pop, Jazz and Folk-Rock bands throughout the years.

Danny Brown – Drums/Vocals

Danny Brown grew up in Cali, playing drums in various groups before serving in the navy for 4 years, becoming an electrician. Since moving to the Chicagoland Area he has changed through several carreers. Now he enjoys playing at local venues making people dance and sing along with the band’s fun songs. Danny, Bill Stulgin & Dr. Wippit started Tastes Like Chicken in Chicago around 2007.